Corporate Job V/s Startup Job


We, humans, have a tendency to feel that the grass is always greener on the other side. With that belief we start complicating our situation, we become curious and downright confused. We are every time thinking, “what if I could…”

The people who work for corporates always see their startup folks and feel jealous. While the people working for startups are constantly complaining how things are easy for people working for corporates. The fact is no one has it easy and you will always find objections from the other side as well.

Here are few evident differences between corporate and startup jobs which can help you in getting clarity for choosing one.

You can be the jack of all trades or you can be master of one

You have always learned and worked hard to become the master of the area of your expertise. If you are a marketing intellect and in a corporate workplace, you will have to focus on your targets and leave the others targets to be looked for by themselves. Corporate jobs focus on individual output for collective results.

On the other hand, startups cannot manage to afford to do that. In a startup, you are the leader and the team. When you take the initiative, you need to foresee things and handle it through till the end. You get little or no chance for delegation and that sums up the beauty of a startups experience.

Do you want a better culture or a higher salary?

A startup compensates for a corporate higher salary through their independent and collaborative work environment. You are at high risk if the work, service or product doesn’t do well or pay off, as then the startup might shut down. It solely depends on your belief in the product or service and on yourself.  However, if you succeed in a startup you can start aiming for fortunes.

What’s your style team playing or power to self?

If you are working for an MNC, as a team leader, you get your own office and you have your own team that reports to you daily and you are the boss.

However, a startup has no hierarchy on paper or at work. If your office has 20 individuals, hierarchies become unaffordable. But you become a better team player here. It gives you an opportunity to build deeper and meaningful relationships in your office with your colleagues. You are able to excel in overall team performance.

Do you need a psychological bond or job responsibilities?

Entering a startup job implies you sign up for a psychological bond with them to support them for their visions. In fact, you become them and their success is your achievement. If they fail so do you. It is not easy when you have to carry the responsibility for someone else’s dream.

A corporate setting is already established, and your focus is to make sure that it is constant. Here you lack the feeling of belongingness, even if the level of responsibilities might be similar.

What do you need the most self-satisfaction or social status?

For someone who cares highly about what others think about them more than the professionalism and self-satisfaction, then they should opt for corporates.

For a social status in a startup, you need to work for it and achieve it while you enjoy satisfaction from the work you are doing.

It is clearly laid out that what an individual’s personality demands from a job the individual should opt for that particular work. Then your success depends on how you take up challenges in a particular work environment. So before choosing one, get your facts clear!