Imran Khan Appeals To India To Give Them An Opportunity For Peace


Since after the terrorist attack on CRPF in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir, India has taken several steps to isolate Pakistan from the world. Pakistan has now asked to give them a chance to settle the matter in peace. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give Pakistan a chance of peace. In a statement, Imran said that they always maintain their point of view. If India gives them strong evidence in the case of a terrorist attack in Pulwama, then they will take strict action against the people responsible for it.

Imran Khan’s statement came just after the day of Narendra Modi’s warning in a rally conducted in Rajasthan. He even had announced that India will not leave the culprits of the Pulwama attack. He even said that this time the revenge will be equal and pain in, this will not be tolerated. There is a general opinion against terrorism all over the world and many parts of the world are affected by it. This is a changed India and it will not tolerate more attacks now when it comes to dealing with terrorism.

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When Imran became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, then Narendra Modi called him to congratulate him. At that time Imran had portrayed himself as a social worker and talked about working together on the serious issues of removing poverty, terrorism and bringing change in education. Now Imran has taken a turn by his statement.

Earlier, on February 19, Imran had said that only after getting sufficient evidence, he would take strict actions against Pakistan terrorism organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. He even said that if India attacks then Pakistan would respond accordingly. But in the new statement released by Imran, he seems to be a bit terrified after Modiji’s strong words against Pakistan.

According to the latest statement issued by the Pakistan PM office, Imran Khan has remained firm on his statement that if India gives information or take any sort of action, they will take immediate actions. However, PM Modi should give an opportunity for peace to Pakistan in order to avoid war.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs says that Pakistan is giving excuses by asking for evidence in the Pulwama attack. Jaish-e-Mohammed and Masood Azhar live in Pakistan only and are funded by Pakistan. After the attack on Mumbai, Pathankot, India provided all the evidence to Pakistan but they could not take any actions.