Hyderabad To Witness The Finalization Of Offers For A Number Startups


A startup hiring event, Hacker Hire, was organized on 17 March by the Centre for Innovation at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) in association with LDA INDIA (Global Youth Exchange Network) in Hyderabad. 


A total of 13 companies had participated in the event and 26 candidates were competing for the vacant positions in the companies.

About the event

The event was organized in a speed dating format. It has arranged for both the companies and the participants to hold formal discussions. It will be followed by subsequent interactions over the next two days before the job offers will be finalized.

Speed dating is a win-win for both startups wanting to hire people and also those wanting to be part of startups. Each participant had three minutes to explain themselves to the prospective hires. During this time, each explains their requirements and expectations. Then participant moves to next startup to make a pitch, cutting down the need to visit multiple companies at different times.

The event had attracted startups of varied sizes. Thrymr Software had participated in this sort of event for the first time and is full of praises for the initiative. “Since we have the list of job seekers is curated, it saves us time,” said Rishi Khare, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Thrymr Software.

The outsourced software product company has operated in Hyderabad, Singapore, and other places. It has about 130 employees and works across domains including healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and others. The company also looks to hire by participating in recruitment drives, aptitude tests, and other channels.

“The number of job offers will be limited. This is particularly those who have been part of hackathons earlier,” said Ramesh Loganathan, Professor Co-Innovation at IIT-H and also the founding member of Headstart Network Foundation, a platform for startups. 

The startup ecosystem in Hyderabad

The South Indian city of Hyderabad is known for its biryani, pearls, and heritage. However, it has also been in news for the growing startup culture in the city.

India is the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem and Hyderabad is also adding to that wave of entrepreneurship.The city is a thriving hotspot for information technology (IT) startups with several of them making it big. Young people all over the city have become more and more interested in startups.

With mentors to guide and angel investors who are easily accessible, startup events take place on a regular basis to educate entrepreneurs in Hyderabad. Startup fests that expose one to the amazing world of entrepreneurship, coworking spaces that promote thriving communities and incredibly helpful peers who go out of their way to make the startup culture even more vibrant. 

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