Wish to work in a Company and Don’t know how to Get Hired?


Before you start the job application process if you have few companies in your mind that you had really wished to work for , make a point of keeping them on your radar . If you do not have a list of companies that would be a perfect fit, take some time to create one. The more you focus, the easier it will be to get hired.

First check lists of top rated employers , then create a list of target employers those who match your interests, skills and where you are positioned on the career ladder.

Once you have a list of top employers that match your interests, compensation, benefits and perks, opportunities for advancement that you are searching for.

Once you know what your dream company is then you need to begin the process of getting noticed

The more you know about the company, the more you will be able to stand out in your conversations and you will even sound more enthusiastic in the interview. Your research should not stop at the company level pull up linkedIn and see what you can learn who runs the company to see what themes come up.

Always bookmark the job pages on LinkedIn. Most of the companies have made separate pages for posting career related or job openings. Bookmark and check them regularly to find if anything new.

A big thing includes looking for opportunities to meet the employer in job fairs or may be in networking events. Always be ready to meet the employers of the company you want to be in. Check events or fairs if they have any and always attend those.

These things will help you reach out to employers and also would give a good impression of you and your keen interest in the company.