How You Can Find The Answer To “What To Do With My Life?”


This question cant is easily Googled to find the answer to it, unlike other career-related questions you can find the answer to on Google. But the fact is you are not alone asking this question. Everyone at some point in their life has wondered what they should do with their life, finding their passion and the right career path.

But if you are lost on what to do next here are some advice for you and ways you can find the answer to, “what to do with my life?”

Start with talking to people

You learn so much by just listening to people talk. Of course not the talk about how bad the traffic was but when you carefully listen between the lines you find out about peoples motivations, hopes, ambitions, and dreams. When you start learning about them more you get insight on how they got to where they are now and you can follow if that’s the path you wish to be on too.

Just get started

Start building something, anything. Maybe get your portfolio ready launch a newsletter or just learn how an app works. You can do so much for your career even when you think you don’t know what to do. The act of simply doing something will help you to clarify what paths you might want to be on and which ones you really don’t want to follow.

Find inspiration

Whatever you do or chose to do you will surely aim at being successful at it. So it is better to start learning how others reached their goals. Find inspiration from others success and ways they got there. These people too never knew from the start what they wanted to do either.

Start preparing journal

There won’t a dreamlike magical moment where you will have suddenly things clarified about what you should be doing. Life goes through many shifts and you will have to reconsider your journey as you go on. So instead of being surprised by decisions anticipate them and then become excited for them.

Be okay with failing

The worst enemy for you in your quest to figure out what to do with your life is your fear of failure. You won’t ever be able to know what makes you happy if you fear of failing and rule everything out because things sound hard.

Enjoy the unknown

The obvious answer might just appear to you when you least expect it. Start not pressing on one matter but go about focusing on less important stuff. Maybe you will find out the answer meanwhile and it will be clearer than you can ever imagine. Just take a break.