How To Choose Right Career?


Swami Vivekananda says that education is not the chunk of advice that is put into your brain and runs anarchy there undigested all your life. Education according to him means a process by which a character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, and an intellect is sharpened as a result of which one can stand on their own feet.


It is always advisable to go for career counselling after you clear out your higher secondary education. It helps you in deciding your future path.  Many students have a clear idea about their future plans and It is utmost important. Also, there exist few who just seek admissions into next level just because they are advised by their parents or because their friends are doing so.

Guys, you need to be focused. You should plan your goal and works accordingly and please do not seek admission in any course which is not appealing you but still, you opt it just because you are told to do so. Education, on the other hand, is beyond the confines of school.  Here a story of a student pursuing a great career of his choice is mentioned. Read on to find out more.

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A boy from a middle-class family who is an all-rounder in sports, academics and extracurricular activities. He is truly focused in his studies throughout his school life and ended up scoring the 3rd rank in the merit list with a huge percentage of 96% during std 10th. He had decided his pathway forward. He wanted to be a doctor and he was working hard to achieve his dream and seek admission in one of the reputed medical colleges in India.

When asked him about the study plans he said, he used to study for 8-10 hours per day except school and tuition hours. He had just left behind all the fun and concentrated his mind just on studies. He could manage to score 91% in his 12th exams and now pursuing MBBS from Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune. He is presently in his first year. The entire very best dear for your future and we are looking forward to seeing you to be one of the best and a successful doctor.


In order to make a right career for yourself, you need to make an appropriate career choice. There are tremendous career options nowadays. Once, you are introduced to various career options available and suitable for you also, the key competencies required to achieve success in them, the next step is to understand yourself and gather adequate self-knowledge. This includes aptitude, your main interests, and personality traits.

Your interests indicate the various subjects or activities which you feel especially motivated to spend time on. So, firstly, you need to analyze and create a list of all such career options and see where a particular match for you exists. After you delve into and analyze this list make a choice. So, on the whole, the most important steps in choosing your career are listed below:

  • Understand yourself and your interests
  • Answer some aptitude tests and you will understand where exactly you stand and what are your positive and negative points.
  • Explore and decide on the right career fit
  • Plan accordingly

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