Hot Just Got Hotter: Royal Enfield Fans Retaliate to Bajaj’s Hathi-Mat-Paalo TV Commercial


For many years biking community in India has been polarised into two segments: Team Royal Enfield v/s all others.

RE fanboys have always boasted on having the best budget touring machines and its cult heritage.

And that was true too, as no company had a competent or able tourer to offer at the price RE did until Bajaj’s flagship sports tourer Dominar 400 happened.

And recently Bajaj has stirred up the heat with its new Dominar 400’s TV commercial ‘Hathi Mat Paalo’, which was a direct blow on RE’s heavy weight touring machines.

The commercial opens with some men wearing dark aviators and open faced helmets marching together on elephants when they’re suddenly overtaken by a group of riders sprinting on their Bajaj Dominar.

But the mockery did not go down too well among Royal Enfield fans and they decided to give a rebound to this audacity all by themselves.

Fans now have made a trailer in which they do not take a dig at Dominar at all but instead cast the iconic thumper as a ride for the Royals.

This video posted on youtube, emphasizes Royal Enfield motorcycles’ ability to go off the tarmac without sweating a dime along with taking some parts from the Bajaj’s commercial. It features the RE Bullet, Thunderbird, and Himalayan as exemplary machines and ends with a  caption Ride like a King.

Though the move was fan made it has directly stumped the core marketing objective of Bajaj’s new flagship vehicle.

And now that one war has already begun amongst the fan bases of two largest motorcycle companies in the world, it would be interesting to see where this war finally heads and how the Bajaj fanboys react to this brave retaliation…

and for that we just cannot wait.