Here is what one should do in their Notice Period


May it be leaving the organisation voluntarily or even if having asked to do so- one has to serve the notice period which is a policy at all the companies. What so ever may be the cause for your resignation, you always have to serve your notice period just like every other employee.

Do not consider it as a relaxing time in the organisation, as it is the time where you can wrap up every pending responsibility, and try to maintain good relationships with the colleagues on a parting note. Instead of using this term as a relaxed downtime, you can do few things to leave a striking last impression on your colleagues and superiors.

Here’s how:

Effective Usage of Time:

You might be having an offer letter in your hand or may be you are leaving your current employment for other reasons but you really have to use your free time trying to get a bit better at whatever you lack for your profession.

Clear all Documents:

Get a clearance certification from all stakeholders. Inform the HR manager and payroll head regarding your notice period so that they get enough time to start working on your full and final settlement. Transfer all your personal data and contacts from the work place computer to your own device. Make sure you collect records of documents like payslips, certificates of appreciation (if any), etc from your HR before you leave so that the final settlement has no fault.

Continue Being a Professional and Work like you Used to:

It is necessary to behave respectfully when serving your notice period as you are still their employee. Preserve a good relationship by obtaining references instead of engaging into conflicts. Get connected with the colleagues on the social platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to be in touch later.

Give a Thorough Handover:

Whether you have worked solo or in a team, a proper handover of company equipment is important. Complete all the pending work allotted to you before leaving. If done properly, you will be viewed as a responsible person.

Inform your Boss:

Request some time off from your present boss’ time and ask for his time out. Talk to your boss regarding your general career goals and a feedback of time spent in present job.