Here are 5 Things which Facebook should now Do!


11th May might be a day marked as the beginning of a governmental war which has never been witnessed in modern era. After all the government has wiser things to do than regulating Facebook. It will regulate the collection and use of data writ large.

Most probably using regulations and sweeping data collection is important. However government regulations are not to be written as a knee Jerk reaction to third party abuse of a four year old, business to business policy Facebook shut down three years ago.

I am not a Facebook apologist. Facebook has got into this mess on its own, and it needs to get out of it on itself. He said i might not resist the temptation to imagine what i might do i was in Facebook’s shoes. Therefore here are 5 listed things that Facebook must consider doing right away.


1. Teach Don’t Preach:-

Facebook should stop acting like we are stupid for being afraid of the power it has amazed. People are generally afraid of what they don’t understand and it is a normal human nature to destroy things that you believe are dangerous or threatening.

2. Lead by Example:-

Pretend Facebook has been already regulated and will always lead. Facebook has recently announced all the policies it would be implementing. It has to move the world towards responsible innovation. It must form a self regulatory organisation with other big data organisations and lead the industry so that government does not “try and convict” all data driven businesses in the court of public opinion.

3. Actually Launch Anonymous Login:-

In the year 2014 Facebook introduced “Anonymous Login,” a “ brand new way to log into apps without sharing any personal information from Facebook.” It never launched. It must be launched as the new default identity toolset for developers and restrict full Facebook login to partners that have been through a vetting process and background checks.

4. Simplify Profile Settings:-

Right below the button which says, ‘Make my Data private now’, Facebook should probably put a smaller button which would say, ‘Learn About Other Privacy Options.’ This button would relocate people to a page which would consist of two different options, ‘Data I’m willing to share with advertisers’ and ‘Stuff i am willing to share with friends.’

5. Make a Data privacy button:-

Facebook should create a ‘Make my Data Private now’ button and pin it to the top of everyone’s newsfeed fro the foreseeable future. Now under that button it should also explain what the button means in an easy to understand language. As an example you will still be seeing ads and newsfeeds over your wall but no information about you would be transferred to any other company outside Facebook. If you will press this button, no third parties would have an access to any of your data until you personally change your settings, which you are under no obligation to do so.