Height Never Matters: Study says that short people live longer lives


Usually height is associated with the look and personality of a person. It is generally seen that a taller person is given more preference over a short person in almost every field.The true height of a person is his or her character and deeds. Short height is usually seen as a negative thing.No one ever talks about short men in a positive way. This is because, if people are aware of the fact that you are insecure about your height, only then they tease you.


Shortness in children and young adults nearly always results from below-average growth in childhood, while shortness in older adults usually results from loss of height due to kyphosis of the spine or collapsed vertebrae from osteoporosis.

A person is  said to be short in medical terms if his height is less than 5ft 10 inches for males and 5ft 5inches for females. Parents with slow-growing children often ask pediatricians for growth hormone to save their kids the indignity of being short. Early researchers believed that tall people lived longer.

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Instead of thinking about your height and feeling bad about it, learn to appreciate other qualities in you. Never let your height define you. Also, a  research suggests that short people live longer lives. However, history has many examples that prove height has nothing to do with one’s abilities and success. A person of any height can win the world with his sheer talents and achievement.

Examples of people with short height.

–Sachin Tendulkar – He is a very good and famous cricket player in India. He stands tall among his fellow cricketers with a height of 5 feet 5 inches. 

–Amir Khan – Aamir Khan is another Indian film actor, director, producer, and television presenter.
he stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. 


According to a survey, it is proved that being short carries a reduced risk of cancer. the taller you stand, the more likely you are to develop cancerBeing short means you’re less likely to develop blood clots. Being short puts you at lower risk of heat exhaustion or sun stroke.

So always dream to be at the top in terms of your work or deeds and not your height. Cultivate your gifts and don’t allow being short height keep you away from achieving your dreams. A person with good deeds and work is always remembered rather than a person with good looks.

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