Hacks which would Help you Save your Phones Battery


Are you searching for tips to save your phones battery? Here we are with some amazing tricks to help you save battery.

Nowadays Smartphones are coming up with new features and applications and because there are so many software’s in a single device, the phone starts consuming battery. Although one can turn of those applications so as to avoid power consumption, but people who are constantly on phones have to take out some or the other ways to save battery.

These tips are mainly for the iPhone users but can also be used by android users.

  1. Close unwanted Apps

We sometimes open many apps simultaneously, but the fact is leaving many apps open would drain all your battery. Therefore to avoid this situation you should close the apps you are not using.

  1. Turn off auto downloads or updates

Another awesome way for saving battery is to turn off the auto updates or auto downloads in your phone. It not only consumes battery but it also fills up your phones space.

2. Turn off Siri

Most of us don’t really use the virtual assistants of our phone which consumes more battery. So it’s better deleting them or turning them off.

3. Set up your lock screen for less time

You can always set your lock screen time as 1 minute or even less when you are not using it. This would help you save your battery.

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4. Turn on vibration when on silent mode

You can simply turn off the “Vibrate on Silent mode” off. This will you improve your productivity and save your phones battery from dying.

5. Make good use of Grayscale

One can always put their screens on black and white mode. This relaxes the eyes and also saves battery.

6. Disable auto brightness

Turning off the brightness can save your battery life, in fact also make sure the auto brightness feature is turned off.

7. Silent the apps you don’t use much

Disabling notifications for applications will also help you save your battery.

8. Airplane mode is the life saver

If you wish you can switch on the airplane mode, this will help you save your battery, but would also disable a few features from your phone.

9. Turn off location services

Location services eat a lot of battery as they are all the time working in the background. Therefore try avoiding it by disabling this feature.