Hacks To Influence Your Productivity


Have you ever wondered that if you were to only work for an hour what would you be doing? What will be the tasks you will be doing and how will you prioritize? Such are the everyday hacks you can conduct to increase your productivity.

Avoid unnecessary work

Do not work on something that is unnecessary, no matter how good you are at it. It is only a waste of time. The easiest and quickest way to prioritize and get things off of your to-do list is to know what things you do not have to do in the first place. Remember this doesn’t mean you delegate the work but to absolutely not do it.

For instance, arranging folders for your emails, it all the more makes it worse for you to locate some emails. At the same time replying to all the emails you receive is not necessary. It tires you and complicates your life.

Stop accepting projects just because you are nice

Some people just cross the line just to help others. Generosity characterizes successful people but you have to be careful. The esteemed professor and author Adam Grant examined three categories of people.

The givers are the people who are unreasonably generous to others. The takers are the ones who take unduly from others while they give back little or nothing. Then there are matchers who reciprocate the same amount of generosity they receive from someone.

His research found out that the givers are both the least and highly successful people. Successful people know their limit of generosity and promote their own interests. A major part of your productivity is lost when all the time you have is invested in doing some or the other work for someone else.

Be the master of saying no

Many people are accustomed to saying yes to almost everything that comes their way. There’s a major difference in saying yes to thrilling opportunities that have the capability of giving you the chance to grow and saying yes to things out of obligation or politeness.

When you feel difficult to say no to something, just stay unavailable. Tell them you have something significant and big to manage which will make them understand you have something on your plate that needs your complete attention.