Google’s Answer To Apple’s iPhone X: The Pixel 2


The Google Pixel 2 proves that two cameras aren’t always better than one on a phone, especially if you favor photo quality over anything. And this is the answer that Google wanted to give to Apple’s iPhone X with its Pixel 2.

It has Google’s superior approach that pushes the Android Oreo even further deeper into the system with a top-notch user experience. Also, the phoelne promises regular updates from Google back-to-back 3 years.

Last year, Pixel had set records by excelling into several segments including the camera and this year’s upgrade is even faster, water-resistant and adds a new way to call up the Google Assistant: simply squeeze the phone’s sides to launch your new AI at distress.

The department where Pixel 2 really shines is its camera.

Both phones feature a single-lens rear camera with a 12MP image sensor, an f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization (last year’s models had just EIS), and a shiny new portrait mode that applies a background-blur effect that does with software what dual-camera phones do by combining data from two different lenses.

The rear camera can shoot at resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K. At lower resolution you can record at either 30 frames per second or 60 fps, but 4K videos can only be recorded at 30 fps.

There’s also a slow-motion mode that can record at 120 fps or 240 fps.

To compensate your portrait desires, it has enhanced its HDR+ technology alon with strengtening its AI and Smart Lens Blur tech more rooted than ever in its camera app.

Result: Photos that smokes almost any phone camera you can throw at it. Even the likes of Note 8 and Apple iPhone X.

But where Pixel 2 lack is its design, with its normally edged up screen, it doesn’t look like the future of smartphones, except for its lack a 3.5mm headphone jack.

But that really shouldn’t keep you away from getting it because if you want a phone that’s great as a device, runs the smartest software available yet on earth and has a mind-blowing camera that will make your friends– especially your Apples of eyes– jealous.

Pixel is definitely not a fashionable phone, it’s supremely functional, snappier than ever and perhaps the best Android smartphone you can have right now.

The phone ships to first buyers on Thursday, October 19, despite the fact that it was just announced on October 4th, this is relatively a faster delivery than usual by the tech giant.