Google Is Planning To Shut Down Inbox


In April, the launch of new Gmail  was surely a hint that Inbox, Google’s productivity-focused mail app, would soon meet its demise.But now it has declared its official date to close the application. The inbox by Gmail would be permanently out of office by the end of 2019 March. The same was announced by the tech giant on Wednesday.


Inbox by Gmail was an app created in 2014, that would help users get more customization email features. Back in the day, the Gmail app or desktop experience would come with limited options, making Inbox by Gmail a platform to create/expand on ideas.

Google also said that it would be completely focusing on its Gmail, that has recently adopted various Inbox features like the snoozing mails and the smart replies. Launched back in 2014, Inbox by Gmail was initially invite-only and sought to compete with innovative email apps like Boxer and the now-defunct Mailbox.

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Inbox has eventually opened up to the public in 2015, by steadily picking up experimental, new features like gathering emails from an event, newsletter previewing, and an unsubscribe card which would appear when you didn’t click on emails for a while.

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But this progress on Inbox has been slowed down and it is said that most of the users preferred the comfort of Gmail rather than the flashy and unfamiliar Inbox.

Google has also prepared a guide for its users which explains how to transfer from Inbox to Gmail, despite complaints from devoted Inbox users on Twitter.

They’ve complained that Inbox’s handy features, like bundling of trip-related emails and GitHub/Trello notifications, haven’t quite made their way to Gmail yet, and who knows if they will. As it is mentioned in the timeline, Google is expecting to introduce more features from the Inbox to Gmail desktop and the application. The key features among those include bundling, which helps the users to customize the notifications and the inbox tabs. Along with that, the users can also create some specific labels through which emails can be filtered in different categories.

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