Google Is Now The Most Powerful Tech Organization In The World!


Reportedly Google has now emerged as the powerful tech firm in the world. Going by its market dominance and technological supremacy, it has grabbed the Uno spot prior held by Apple for almost a decade.

Here are the 5 few key factors that made Google the most powerful tech titan in the world:


They have amazingly intelligent workers, perhaps the largest group of the most intelligent people in the world. The collective ability of those people to work hard, really hard. The employees at Google will work as hard as it takes to finish something. They enjoy challenges. They’re ideal engineers (minus the egos).

Data Mines

They have massive amounts of unique data. This is not power by itself. But when combined with other factors it is. They do have huge amounts of data. But unlike Apple, they have different data. They know what you’ve searched for the past 10 years. They know what stocks you’ve looked at. They know what diseases you looked up. They know what type of porn you like. They know what your greatest insecurities are. They know you’re getting a divorce. They know what type of shit you buy. And where you live. And what you believe based on the chat rooms you enter. And pretty much everything else too. They have huge, centralized data that gives them insights into certain people. Imagine how easily they could do something.

Computing Power & AI

They have massive computing power. This means they can do lots and lots of stuff. They could profile everyone. They could scan all the books in the world and collectivize knowledge into their databases. They could create a really great super fast language translation program via machine learning by simulations. They could do a lot of things – time isn’t an issue.

They bought DeepMind for $400,000,000. They have the best engineers. They have amazing computing power. They have huge amounts of data. They have all the information in the world. They have translating capabilities. Google will be the company to create an AI. And it will also be the company to be entirely quiet about it for a long long time. Have you heard what they’ve been doing with DeepMind? Any press releases around Google and AI lately? No?


It has enough wealth to sustain all new efforts. It can keep buying new companies. It can pay for lobbying. It can buy millions of servers. It can recruit the most expensive talent. Money is not a concern. That increases their independence and thus their power.

Trade Secrets

Complex organization and secrecy. This is also important. Google (now Alphabet) is huge and complex. Which means they can also keep many things under wraps. GoogleX? DeepMind? Our data? Space Elevators? They can do a lot of things without anyone really knowing what’s going on. Without any real opposition from a public left in the dark. This also means that they have fewer deterrents from using their power.