Swiggy Employees Claim in an Anonymous Blog Post that Company Lied about the Metrics and Faked Reviews


An anonymous blog post was published on Tumblr. The blog post titled, “Swiggy Sales” and written by four Swiggy employees from which two are on the verge of quitting and one is fired by the company have made many serious claims about the food delivery startup.

It has put the praising growth numbers of the company into question. The anonymous employees also share the internal data and slides. The post releases serious allegations about the founders building the business just to, eventually sell it off to earn quick money.

According to the four employee’s blog post, the company has allegedly raised its commission from 5% to 25% within the time period of just 3 years. And in the future, the management has plans to hike this up to 30%.

According to the blog post, “We are made to lie about our market share, as well as our order volumes to restaurant owners. The worst part is that instead of helping these restaurants grow their business, we are trained to arm-twist them to increase our commissions every couple of months.”

Also, the blog post alleged that Swiggy’s positive reviews on the Play Store for its app are paid. “Also, on social media, genuine reviews (which are usually bad) get immediately removed and buried since they are mostly negative,” said the writers.

Apart from this, allegedly, the higher management has manipulated the data in the investor presentation. “Our January 2017 order volumes were less than December 2016 volumes. Yes, we had a decline of order volumes in January. But we have seen the investor presentations, and they have shaved off the December numbers in the slides in order to show a linear growth curve across all months of our existence,” says the post.

Further, the employees accuse Swiggy of practicing unethical policies in which assurances of delivery equity and employee bonuses were not kept. There have been many employees who were dismissed due to unreal expectations of performance demanded by the higher management.

The company has declined most of the allegations stating that “the recent blog post from an anonymous source is targeted at maligning the reputation of Swiggy as an organization.” However, Swiggy has yet to produce an investigation report for the blog post.

Read the complete blog post here.