Going for a job Interview? These things are always noticed by your employer!


For cracking an interview, being qualified is not the only way out you also need to consider some other aspects of life which are important while going for an interview.

Employers generally don’t show interest in knowing everything in just a first meet, they just try and ask a few necessary details which are to be known while making a decision. Check out these significant details for any job interview regardless of the field of work.

Positive attitude:

Every answer which is given to the recruiter would contribute to their final decision. Therefore be sure that whatever you reply just be clear and precise. Self confidence and positive attitude would take you a long way.

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Body Language:

Recruiters tend to notice every small move of the candidate soon as he enters the room. They assess the employee on the basis of his sincerity and activeness. Therefore one needs to have positive attitude and not just walk in with a casual attitude if you actually want a good result. A few key things which should be kept in mind before entering the interviewers cabin is not to lean back on the chair, maintain eye contact through and through the conversation and not to fidget In between the conversation.


Another main thing which leaves impression on the interviewers is the way you dress up for the interview. Always try wearing the most comfortable outfit you have and also avoid wearing brighter and shinier colour outfits. This would help you stay relaxed during the process. How you appear or how you groom yourself plays a vital role and would add on to your Positive points.


Being punctual plays a very important role in an interview. Reaching 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled time is contributed as a positive attitude in terms of career prospects. It will also help you know the work culture.


People often say that the first impression is the last impression. The interviewer always judges you on your first appearance and this first impression consists of greeting the interviewers as soon as you enter the room with a confident and bright smile. A perfect eye contact and a subtle handshake will leave a good first impression on the recruiters and they surely will notice a great spark in you in the very beginning.