Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 Founder Paying a High Cost, In Jail For Fraud


Remember The Man Behind The Cheapest Smartphone In The World. The Freedom 251 That Cost Around Only Rs. 251? Yes, The same gentleman is paying a high price for non-delivery, was arrested for fraud. It was brought to light when a dealer of the cheapest phone did not get refunds for an unfulfilled order.

Mohit Goel, the man behind the tech firm Ringing Bells, was captured by the Uttar Pradesh Police yesterday in view of a complaint from a dealer who said he just got an installment of just Rs 14 lakhs in new telephones and money. The dealer was expecting a refund for the unfulfilled order, which Mr. Goel and different administrators neglected to do as such and in return threatened to murder him and his relatives.

Ringing Bells and Mr. Goel made headlines last year unveiled the world’s’ cheapest smartphone the “Freedom 251”. The phone produced a popularity because of its cost and was likewise the concentration of investigation from controllers.

The capture unfolded after it was affectionate that a dealer paid Rs. 30 lakhs for a request of handsets yet did not get the full request from Ringing Bells and did not get the refunds either. The dealer additionally asserted that a portion of the phones was broken and required replacement or a refund.