Flipkart Launches Platform For Refurbished Products


For selling the refurbished, unboxed goods after the e-commerce colossal closed down the operations of ebay.in which was declared by the CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy.  The new platform would be based on the Flipkart’s learning from the eBay.in which was one of the first e-commerce companies to offer the refurbished products long back in 2015. It is called as 2GUD and is the company’s first foray in to the refurbished goods market.


Flipkart’s 2GUD platform will initially only stock refurbished smartphones, laptops, tablets, and electronic accessories, though it will be extended to other categories including home appliances in the future. The platform has already made live.  ‘eBay Choices’ started with over 1,000 live listings of refurbished mobile phones, laptops and tablets in partnership with over eight organised refurbished product sellers such as GreenDust, Value Cart and i2cworld, to offer buyers a choice of refurbished products at high value price points.

The products would be having a warranty of 6 months to 1 year. Flipkart and eBay.in had previously agreed to jointly pursue the e-commerce opportunities in the Indian market the previous year. In an exchange for the equity stake in Flipkart, eBay had made a $500-million cash investment in the Flipkart and also sold its Indian operations to Flipkart.

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After successfully completing the merging with eBay in August 2017, Flipkart gained by the personal exertion 50,000 domestic sellers and nearly 25,000 cross border sellers of the eBay.in. In the month of May, after the announcement of Walmart of its 77% stake buy in Flipkart, eBay also announced that it is planning to sell its stake to Flipkart for about $1.1 billion and that it will re-launch eBay India focusing initially on cross-border trade opportunity. This also includes ending its commercial agreement with Flipkart and then terminating Flipkart’s license to use the eBay.in brand.


One of the major reasons for Flipkart acquiring eBay.in last year was to learn the ropes of selling refurbished goods. There was a big focus on selling refurbished goods on eBay since we launched it three years ago. In fact, in order to educate consumers about refurbished products sold on our platform and to show them that they are as good as new, we launched a digital campaign called #DontJudgeReboxed, last year,” a former eBay.in executive told .

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