Flipkart Introduces 100 Automated Robots in its Delivery Hub


Flipkart is among the best popular e-commerce sites in the country. The company has introduced robotic picking technology to make things easier. This technology has made the task of sorting things easier and faster. Flipkart has arranged this robot technology at Bengaluru Soukya sortation centre. As a result, Flipkart will be able to deliver more fast and perfect accessories keeping in mind the buyers’ needs.

E-Commerce company Flipkart released the country’s first robot-based sorting technology. This is an automated guided vehicle i.e. the AGV and will be used in Bengaluru. The company has got such a total of 100 AGVs which will be used in Soukya in Bangalore. AGVs will help Flipkart meet ever-growing consumer and scale needs, assuring quicker delivery and an improved experience for online shoppers.

These robots will separate the package and accessories that reach with the help of pin code. This will give relief to many employees, who used to do all these things from a very long time. The company is also doing this because they want to do all the work in a way to reduce its cost. That is, if the robot will work, the employees will have to be removed and put on a place where manual work is in great need. Flipkart was doing this kind of planning for several days now where Manpower will be removed from here and placed in another place so that more work can be done, then it can be enhanced there.

Flipkart has already revolutionized the e-commerce business in the country. Successful innovation to bring such type of automated technology in India is very amazing and will reduce manpower. The Sukya set-up has more than 100 self-propelled robots. This will make it easier and faster to pick things up to deliver customers. Flipkart says it can be done at a very low cost.

There are about 1000 employees in charge of the daily shipment of Bengaluru. The Facilitation staff will be updated with this technology an will be able to control the AGVs. According to Flipkart, 4500 shifts will be possible in an hour using this technology.