Five reasons why you should purchase a Mac over a PC


There was a huge debate since a long time between people on what is superior, a PC or a MAC. Many people preferred Mac over a PC and at the same time there are others who prefer vice versa. Both have a lot of advantages and disadvantages which can make or break the deal for the customer. We are partial to neither and have been using both the systems for a while.

It is not about which of the two is a better system but which of them suits your needs better. So today, we decided to give you five reasons why you should consider a Mac instead of a PC. Let’s see what a Mac has to offer:-

There is no question about the quantum of great software available for Windows operating system available in the market. Some of it might be free and some might be paid. But you need to download and install most of it on your PC. However, with the Mac you are ready to go right out of the box. Mac, right from the start, comes with useful software like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iMovie, GarageBand and more. So technically you would be able to finish a lot of work before your colleague with a Windows PC is even finished installing the necessary software.

App Store Microsoft just a few years back rolled out the Windows App Store which does include some good software. However, Apple’s App Store has been in the market for a long time which does mean that developers have had a long time to work on and develop for the platform. Apple’s app store is much more mature as compared to the Microsoft’s and it does have a lot more useful apps already. And if you are a Windows veteran coming to a Mac for the first time, don’t worry, popular Windows software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are all available on the Mac too. Mind you, this is a comparison of app stores and not the actual number of apps available for the two operating systems.

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Let me make myself clear, Macs do get infected by viruses. Don’t fall for the rumours that there are no viruses on Mac OS. It is recommended to install a good anti-virus program which saves your Mac from any future attacks. Due to the total number of Mac users compared to the Windows users being very low, the virus developers tend to focus a lot more on Windows than Mac. Therefore, Macs getting infected with viruses is not a very common occurrence. Hence, getting a Mac would make your computer less likely to catch a virus.

Mac retains their value for much longer than PCs.

For this point we had to search a lot of second hand computer marketplaces like eBay, oLx and the local market. And we noted that the Macs tend to retain a lot of their value. In the market, we found that Windows PCs with similar hardware specifications and time of launch as the Macs were available for a significantly lower price than what the sellers were asking for the Macs. This may be due to the premium build of the Macs or due to the prestige that they carry. But the fact is their second hand value is higher in terms of percentage of cost price too.

Ease of Use:

New users coming on to the Mac will feel that it is a bit difficult to use initially, due to it being different to Windows PCs that they had been habituated to. However, the learning curve is not steep at all and when they get used to it, they find it a lot simpler to use compared to the PCs. This might be due to many reasons like ease of editing images, creating movies and music, watching content, many gestures to control the software and more. Like when I started using a Mac, things that took me a lot of time to do on Windows, took me seconds to do on a Mac. To cite an example, to convert an image into a png I would have to open Photoshop and cut around the image which I was working on, but on a Mac I can just open preview and with a click of a button I have a png file perfectly cut.