Five Reasons Why Government Job Is Better Than Private Job


In the current scenario, the biggest confusion among youth is between making a career in government jobs or private jobs. On the one hand, competition in government jobs has increased drastically so much that it has become very much difficult to get a government job. At the same time, getting a private job is a little easier, but here you can only survive on the strength of your talent.

Here are some reasons why a government job despite too much competition is much better than a private job –

Job Security

The biggest benefit of a government job is job security which isn’t found in private jobs. No one can dare you to fire you. Pension with a good salary is an added benefit. However in private jobs, due to low performance, market inflation, bad economy and the cost-cutting process by companies can make you unemployed.

Working Hours

The biggest advantage in government jobs is that one has to work for limited hours only. However, in the private corporate sector, the scenario is different. People are stuck in their 9 to 5 jobs. These working hours are even extended as well without getting incentives.

Pay Structure

The third biggest benefit of a government job is a good income. Due to a good salary, the attitude and interest of the youth are more towards government jobs. Apart from this, increasing the pay scale by the government from time to time is also beneficial.


All the holidays in the Indian calendar are available to those working in government jobs. Also if someone wishes to get extra leaves, one can avail that too easily. However, in private jobs the scenario is different. It’s tougher to ask for leaves and people are even called on Sundays to work.

Promotion & Benefits

In a government job, one gets an assured promotion at a certain time. Career growth and income also keep rising. However, in private jobs, the person is dependent on the mercy of your boss.