How Emotional Intelligence Plays a Role in Business


Emotional intelligence is present in almost all of us. Emotional intelligence affects our ability to cope with our behavior and make personal decisions that will have positive outcomes. Emotional intelligence and leadership go hand in hand and is a quality present in every leader that heads a company.

The great leaders have developed this quality to let them control their emotions as well as the emotions of the others present in the company.

What is emotional intelligence theory?

It is the capability to understand particular emotions in themselves at the same time influence the emotions of others. Every leader in an organization has the task to complete an assignment positively which includes maintaining teamwork and leading them in order to achieve overall participation.

Ask yourself, who will succeed, a leader that keeps complaining about how his team is under pressure or a leader that understands the situation and motivates everyone by taking control. A person who has proper control and the ability to influence others to do the same is the one with better emotional intelligence.

If you are a leader, there are few elements of emotional intelligence that you need to manage and develop to gain higher emotional intelligence.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is when you have knowledge about yourself. You have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses and you work accordingly in business and personal life. You have the ability to control how you feel and know why you feel in a certain manner. Control of your emotions will help you guide your team towards success. Self-awareness is also something that will make you modest and a leader should always be modest.

Self Management

It is totally in your control how you manage situations and make urgent decisions. You are accountable for whatever decisions you take and never negotiate your values. Self-management is an ability you can develop by taking creative actions, being adaptable to change, working on thinking quick etc.

Social Awareness

With this ability, a leader can know the emotions of his team. It becomes essential as a leader to manage everyone’s emotional reactions. It is part of emotional intelligence that mainly focuses on staying in touch with the demands of things or people around you and behaving in a manner to suit those demands.

Social Skills

The leaders need to have social skills to be better communicators. Leaders should believe in their own leadership and should impart their experiences to their team to back them.

Emotional intelligence is part of being an effective and successful leader. If you want to improve focus on these elements and practice to develop the abilities you lack.