Embark on Crash Dieting Wisely


A slow and steady weight loss plan is always a good idea, but losing weight too fast means putting your health at a risk which can lead to severe issues. So, be wise about undertaking excessive exercising or going for a crash diet.

Pooja Chaudhary, wellness consultant, Healthians, an online diagnostic centre that offers at-home services, lists the common factors to take care of during a weight loss regime:

* Losing weight around 0.45 kg-0.9 kg per week is a safe bet. But losing more than that can be considered as rapid weight loss which can have an impact on the health.

* At the start of exercise plan or diet plan, people witness a sudden weight loss of 2-3 kg. This is actually the water weight.

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Angeli Misra, Co-founder of Lifeline Laboratory, lists a few side effects of losing weight too fast:

* It could damage your liver: Alcohol is not the only factor that puts you at a risk of developing a fatty liver. Sometimes following a surgery to reduce weight can also affect your liver.

* Loose skin: Rapid weight loss leads to the loose skin as skin loses elasticity.

* It may slow down your metabolism: Excess of everything is bad. Excessive exercises and crash dieting can slow down your metabolism as you easily and soon get tired. Due to that, your body works slow and you feel a sense of fatigue.

* Other side effects: Losing weight fast by doing excessive exercise, swimming and crash diet may be linked to several other side effects like hunger, fatigue, irritability, muscle cramps, dizziness, constipation or diarrhoea.

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