Things a Person Who Goes On a Diet Goes Through


Don’t we all wish that we could eat endlessly and never gained weight? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you didn’t have to worry about becoming fat at all? Everyone feels that way, however, everyone knows it isn’t possible and so gets on a diet.

Watching what you eat can be difficult and most if not all have failed to do it. Suddenly when you are on diet the world might be coming to end and you need that last piece of dessert.

Here are things that anyone who goes on a diet goes through.

  1. Wakes up in the morning decides to go on diet by the end of the day decides, maybe should start next Monday.
  2. Remember there were times you liked chocolate pastries more than donuts. But after you go on a diet you even start craving for the donut, you shouldn’t have.
  3. You want immediate results. Results show up in two days right?
  4. All you plan on more than a healthy diet is the next cheat meal.
  5. You begin criticizing others for making unhealthy food choices.
  6. You begin with the diet coupled with few workout sessions. This doesn’t last long.
  7. Your colleagues in office start bringing your favorite food once you go on a diet.
  8. Every day is a struggle between your cravings and reaching the ideal body weight.
  9. Suddenly all your friends make plans for eating out.
  10. You never liked math but you start counting the calorie intake like your life depends on it.
  11. You cheat eat secretly because you are embarrassed about your low will power.
  12. You have turned more irritable due to being hungrier.
  13. You feel like giving up every day.
  14. And then sometimes you finally do.