Effect of Technology on our daily lives


The usage and implementation of technology is endless. Lets talk about IoT. Right from Home/Business Automation to Healthcare, from Retail to Transportation, you think of it and IoT is there. Today we have stepped into a smarter world and a life full of convenience. There are many areas wherein IoT based solutions touch our lives.


Technology being the incredible innovator, it has seeped deep into the roots of all the sectors, and sports industry is no exception. While the rules of the games more or less remain same, the way it is watched, consumed and interpreted has changed drastically. Gone are the days when television was the only medium to watch live matches.

Transport industry has provided a changed traveling pattern through packages with better options particularly in speed and direct connectivity. Internet and overlay networks have facilitated enormously.

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Libraries and bookstalls have lost their members and customers. Even Moore’s law has been amended to take into account the way we are trying to adjust to rapid technological pace!

Technology is changing the world in both positive and negative ways. Ease of transportation,telecommunication, artificial intelligence, robotics and the like are the positive impacts of technology. Today, you can simply talk to anyone around the world using your mobile phone. You can perform a lot of things easily without much effort.

Well, Technology is also changing the world in negative ways. Some inventions occur through hard work and dedication but some come accidentally and are spread widely across the globe.


Like any human endeavor, sports evolve over time. Science and technology fuel these changes, improving athletic equipment design, training, and the value of information gleaned from player statistics. From everyday recreational activities to the highest levels of competitive play, these innovations were real game-changers for sports.

Real-Time Updates: Nowadays, many fans, franchises, players and the teams share real time updates about the live matches on their tweeter feeds, Facebook Walls and the Instagram Pages. With this it helps fpr better engagement of fans.

Virtual Reality: It offers a lot of potentials to experiment and try new ideas for broadcasters. Virtual Reality also does not let the fans feel left out. Many fans, who cannot go to the stadium to watch live matches, can get the same experience through virtual reality.

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