Books Leaders Should Read To Be Successful


In order to grow as a person and as a leader you must read a lot. We have discovered many times that the most successful leaders are also passionate readers. When you read constantly, you are able to absorb more knowledge and broaden your perspectives as well as worldviews. Successful leaders are able to challenge the outdated viewpoints by reading.

To start with here is a list of books that should help leaders to become successful.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

The book revolves the business fact that is very significant: People buy why you do it not what you do. Simon Sinek digs into few of the basic question and tries to explain the concept in the book. One such question is why some people and companies are more influential, innovative and successful than others.

If you are someone who struggles to generate long term vision and principles for the right direction in your business and life journey then this book should help you find the right path.

The Dip by Seth Godin

This book amazingly describes how winners do quit and quitters do win. The author explains how winners often quickly quit until they devote themselves to beating the right ‘dip’. The winners know that the bigger the challenge the larger the results you yield for getting through it. When you beat the dip you earn profits, honor and long term security.

After reading the book you will understand whether you are in a dip that is worthy of your efforts and time.

Managing the Mental Game by Jeff Boss

By using a number of mental training methodologies, the author presents how readers can build self-confidence and fortitude which allows them to reach different levels of success. The former Navy Seal Jeff Boss shows different effective exercises on how to manage chaos and pressure so that one can stay calm and composed in difficult situations.

You understand from the book that stress is just a mental game that you can overcome by avoiding mental pitfalls and replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

The book helps you to focus on getting done the right things instead of managing your time and it’s not about productivity or time management. The author helps you learn a systematic discipline to understand what is essential and eliminate the ones that are not. When you follow less you are empowered to prioritize important things in our lives and hence are able to contribute highly towards those things.

What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School by Mark H. McCormack

The book intends to offer real world guidance and precise details that you can’t learn elsewhere. The book complements traditional business background. The author helps you to employ his “applied people sense” in sales, executive time management, negotiation and reading yourself as well as others.

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