Blue Whale Challenge Mastermind Finally Behind Bars!


Blue Whale has been flaming the headlines lately, for all the worst reasons. The task-oriented game that has been responsible for countable deaths worldwide has been the new online toxin recently.

The game has provoked a number of people (especially children) worldwide to attempt or commit suicide by brainwashing and making them do various frightening tasks ranging from watching horror movies to self-harm by the methods of blackmailing.

But, finally, the mastermind behind the infamous Blue Whale Game is finally under arrest.

It is a 17-year-old Russian girl, who is accused of being behind the Blue Whale Challenge Game. The Russian Police officers have detained the teenager last night in Kamchatka.

Russian investigator, Colonel Volk, has reported:

This teenager is the “death group administrator”  who used to place threats against family members of her victims and pressurize on them to obey her by committing suicide.

In contrast to similar groups, teenagers involved with this game were blackmailed with death threats against them or their relatives for not completing the tasks.

Why and how of this monstrous act is still yet to come out and police is presently interrogating the teenager. But, now that the main culprit is finally behind bars, we can expect this online nightmare to see an end.