This Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur From Uttar Pradesh Has Literally Touched The Moon: Naveen Jain, Founder Of InfoSpace and Moon Express


Challenges always matter less than our response to them. For every challenge doesn’t matter how hard, we should keep hitting back and be in the game. And to the ones who attained success once inevitably had to go through the hardships and the scarcities.

Today, we are here with a body of work even after being kicked out of his own company, did not stop from being on the top-list of contemporary industrialists.

Naveen Jain was born and brought-up in Uttar Pradesh where his father served as an honest civil engineer.

But in India, very few things are as corrupted as real estate. So being an honest engineer soon turned out to be a problem, as Naveen’s father would not accept a bribe.

And this radical truthfulness affected Naveen’s entire family: Naveen’s father started being transferred thrice in a year, mostly in distant places.

This was the case of an honest person who was made a vagabond in his own country because he did not accept to accept corruption.

Naveen was a dedicated student. So, somehow he cracked and fetched a B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and successfully completed his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur in Human Resources Management.

He got his first job in 1983 at Burroughs (now, Unisys) and got shifted at New Jersey as a part of a business-exchange program.

He worked for a bunch of start-ups before settling at Microsoft in 1989.

He worked at Microsoft for next six years but then resigned only to start InfoSpace with the aim of having his own initial public offering as quickly as possible.

He worked on his idea for two long years, days and nights long and finally announced it to the world in 1998.

Naveen’s idea initially seemed insane to a few analysts and incubators but he proved that his idea was worth billion dollars by constantly working on this project.

Within a year, InfoSpace’s’ value turned up to 36 Billion USD.

So, InfoSpace turned out to be Naveen’s first successful project, and made him a billionaire.

I am an incredibly self-confident person, and this has indeed played the most important role in my success.


But in 2002, he got involved in a conflict with other board members, which led him to leave his own company.

He then established an American-based Public Records Business, Intelius in 2003, which provides theft protection and security services to industrialists and large organizations.

Then in August 2010, Naveen co-founded a company named Moon Express along with space entrepreneurs from the great Silicon Valley.

Upon many trials and applications, the US government allowed them to send their robotic landers to the moon.

This is the first time that The Federal Aviation Administration of the US has granted permission mine the moon to any private company.

So as a matter of fact, Naveen comes from a state of India where millions getaway in search of work every year. However, his success was all due to his hard work and belief in facing problems as opportunities

He has till now received felicitations like Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon India’s Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur, and the receiver of Albert Einstein Technology Medal for his pioneers in technology.