Sandeep Kumar Panda: Initially, He Got No Investors To Invest on His Idea. Today, His Profit-Running Company Is Supported By Microsoft And IBM!


In today’s world, where everything has gone digital- be it your phone number or your bank account(s), cybersecurity remains of prime importance.

And to raise a concern, there is a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks, be it the hacking of your social media handles or leaks in confidential information.

But on other hand, Sandeep Panda had to face many challenges to bring in even one investors to his company named Instasafe.

 Instasafe, a cloud-based cybersecurity provider intends to address this problem.

It was founded by Sandip Kumar Panda with his team of four other people namely Biju George, Prashanth Guruswamy, Ravikumar Govindrao and Deepak Panigrahi, in December 2012.

Ravikumar and Deepak later have moved out of the company.

The cloud security-based startup enables businesses to adopt cloud computing technologies and applications.

Having been a part of the cybersecurity industry for a long time, we identified a clear need for a secure yet simple method for enterprises To remain safe online with lesser costs.

-Said Sandeep

But Sandeep had some rough patches too. As noone was really sure to invest on cloud security in India, it was tough for him at the beginning. And two quick resignations of his members made him even more worried. They quit because they found Instasafe a fallen idea.

But Sandeep’s didn’t lose hope and his continuous efforts led in bringing some decent investors and then they started expanding.

The investors though late but did realize that the other solutions in the market were hardware based and very difficult to implement pan internet per user. And this became the USP of InstaSafe: Our software offered a simple yet effective solution to allow any user to access any application located anywhere without needing any separate hardware.

The solution is entirely delivered through the cloud platform. So, after quite some time in pushing their venture forward while running in losses they finally hit the jackpot.

We saw a big transformation happening by the consumerization of the enterprise through mobile devices, cloud applications, and social media. While traditional security solutions focus on limiting the impact of these trends, we wanted to enable businesses to embrace innovation securely, while delivering a superior user experience.

Instasafe has later been funded and hiked by Microsoft Ventures, Nasscom, and the IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program.

InstaSafe today caters a team of 30 individuals and is based in Bengaluru.

InstaSafe has successfully registered 150% year-on-year growth in customer acquisition and 300% year-on-year growth in end revenues.

And with that Instasafe which was raised out of nothing but scratch is now a profit running and exponentially expanding firm.

Sandeep’s story tells that how we can achieve what we want if we are all determined for it. He has pulled his company inspite of all odds and now is a successful IT businessman.