Bhawana Kanth Is India’s First Woman Pilot To Qualify For Combat Missions


Indian Air Force’s Flying Officer Bhawana Kanth has registered his name in history by flying a fighter jet. In doing so, she has become the first woman pilot of Indian Air Force. Bhawna has achieved this ability by successfully flying the Indian Flyer Plane MiG-21. On this achievement of Bhawna, Captain and spokesman of the IAF, Anupam Banerjee said, “Bhawna Kanth” completed the mission by flying fighter plane MiG-21 and created history. In this way, she has become the first Indian woman fighter pilot to achieve this achievement. ”

Bhawna is the first female fighter pilot of the first batch of Indian Air Force. Two other female fighter pilots Avni Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh were selected as Flying Officers in 2016. Earlier the air force was not allowed to recruit women pilots as a fighter pilot. In 2016, then-Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar allowed the women pilots to be included as a Fighter Pilot in the Air Force by removing this rule. In less than a year, the government decided to open the way for women pilots to join a war mission as an experiment.

MiG-21 is the oldest fighter plane of the Indian Air Force. This plane was included in the IAF for the first time in 1964. After this, it has been constantly upgraded with modern techniques. MiG-21 is definitely the legacy of the Indian Air Force. At present, Bhawna is positioned on the Nal Base located in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Bhawna flew from the plane from Ambala Air Force Station in the Indian Air Force’s Fighter Plane MiG-21 (‘MiG-21’) Bison. An Indian Air Force official said, “Once she completes the training of the night mission, she will be allowed to go in the night campaign too.”

Bhawna has completed her degree in Engineering in Medical Electronics Stream in BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. Bhawna was involved in Fighter Squadron in November 2017, and for the first time alone, MiG-21 was flown in March last year. Air Force spokesman Anupam Banerjee said that due to her hard work and passion, she has become the first woman officer of the Indian Air Force to achieve this.