Best Six Answers To Give To Your Relatives When They Ask You “Why Are You Single”


For people of all ages, one certainly needs someone to fill the void in life which cannot be filled by the family and relatives. People need a friend, an intimate friend, whom they can trust or speak of their mind without fear of injuries. Loneliness can grow without such a friend. However one gets irritated if relatives repeatedly question you why you are single. Therefore here are some of the best response to give –

‘With my stressful day job and killing my dusks fighting crime, I just haven’t had time to engage with someone.’
This is a funny approach for your annoying relatives. It can surely disperse a situation, and also helps drops the notion that you’re not interested in continuing the discussion further with them. The ‘fighting crime’ part can be substituted with anything silly.

‘I like living a single life. I get to enjoy my own time, which is excellent for me until the appropriate person comes along.’
This is the best response, giving a great, thoughtful reason, without being too abrupt. This (or a variation of it) should be your go-to answer when you don’t want to be clever, intelligent or flirty.

‘For relaxing in life’
After some relaxation, one can refresh the things they have met again and come back with a freshly-minted brain. So it can also be the therapy to keep the mind calm, which many people often try.

‘Why are YOU in a relationship?’
If you want to secure a point that you don’t like being entreated the question, here’s your solution! Just be outfitted for a straightforward answer, which could take the discussion in a completely different way.

‘I don’t know, why do you think I’m still single?’
The more logical approach which surely can work, but be prepared this issue is likely to make things quite uncomfortable conversation wise.

‘I’m just lucky I guess!’
This answer could be taken as passive-aggressive, it just depends on how you state it. It is assured to shut up your relatives or anyone who’s in a relationship though.

If you are single in life and if you are reading it, then it is likely that this subject probably boils down to your blood. Regardless of whether any irritating relatives or old aunt ask you about your relationship status. These answers will probably save you and will give the best reply to your relatives to shut their mouth.