These Bedtime Habits Could Be Ruining Your Whole Day


Many of us don’t realise that the reason we are feeling tired and rushed throughout the day is due to certain bedtime habits that you need to get rid of now.

Settling arguments with your partner. The old saying: “never go to bed angry” might not be so wise after all. Staying up to solve an argument with your partner could not only cut into your sleep time but also leave you feeling too worked up to doze off.

Rather, focus on calming yourself and getting rest; you’ll have a much more productive conversation in the morning.

Not following a proper skincare regime. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you still need to cleanse your skin of the sweat, oils, and pollution that builds up throughout the day. Waking up to a breakout is never pleasant. Don’t use facial wipes because that would make your skin worse. 

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Exercising before sleeping. Avoid working out before sleep because this will be a tacit signal to our bodies that it is time to be awake and active. 

This can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. It’s best to work out in the morning hours for an added boost to your mood and productivity.