Be Careful Not To Download Fake Whatsapp Application


WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used instant messaging app and because of this many people make such clone or fake apps like Whatsapp which many people fall into the trap by installing them.WhatsApp Makes The User Privacy More Stronger By This New Feature Update

Fake news and rumors are being run on WhatsApp, but Fake WhatsApp is also being installed. Many app developers are creating a modified version of the WhatsApp apps. Whatsapp has updated its FAQ page so that users can install the real application.

Whatsapp has made people aware that if they use an alternative version of WhatsApp, then the company can ban their account. Speaking of such an application, there are apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB-WhatsApp that people install.WhatsApp’s new feature tells you how many times your message has been forwarded

Users who have installed GB-WhatsApp will see an in-app message that will notify the user that their account is being banned for some time. The company says that users should remove those apps as soon as possible and install the original version of the Whatsapp.

On WhatsApp’s FAQ page it is stated that “Fake apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are present on the internet. These are not official applications and they have been prepared by third-party developers by a violation of the Terms and Conditions. Whatsapp does not support such third-party applications because it can not validate their security practice.

These applications sell user data to other third party applications. The company has told what to do before switching between these altered apps into the real Whatsapp app. Make a backup of your chat history according to the company, though Whatsapp does not guarantee that the process will work because it is not an official app.WhatsApp Data Facebook

WhatsApp Plus and GB-WhatsApp are not official, i.e., Whatsapp have not made them. There are extra features in it, for example, in these applications you can prepare two accounts simultaneously. Here you can block calls and also use features such as auto-reply. Such features are not in real Whatsapp

The app developers make it for their benefit and upload it to Play Store or other APK websites. People make mistakes by downloading it as a version of Whatsapp. So keep in mind to download the original version of Whatsapp and version of Whatsapp business. If you use such fake applications, then it is not even good enough to tell how secure your chats or personal data is.