You Should Avoid Making These Career Mistakes in Your 20s


The way we choose to spend our 20s professionally determines a fair amount of how our career builds up. Having said so, life can be intimidating and be fresh out of college, young and restless you may make a few blunders which may damage your work life and deprive you of certain opportunities.

Here are the mistakes to avoid

Timing is everything

An office has certain timings of operation. Usually, there is an 8 to 9 hour working time. Even with an office that has chilled atmosphere adhere to the original time and avoid being late. Your boss notices you more than you know and if you make your late arrival a pattern it will be noticed and you will be tagged as a lazy worker. You will be looked up as irresponsible and denied of any major projects or big promotions.

Undeclared Workplace rules

If your office is cool with you using social media networking at work don’t overdo it. Avoid being on WhatsApp or Facebook all the time. Don’t be tempted to watch Youtube videos. Feeling sleepy get up take a stroll. You may not realize but some of the companies monitor the internet usage activities of employees and report them to their managers. Anything can be held against you so be careful.

Oficial communication

Make sure you regularly check your emails and reply to any if there are some unattended ones. You don’t want to look clueless at work. Also, ensure you put everything on email.This is to ensure you have a record on all of your communication. So if you are blamed by someone that you missed something you can always refer them back to your mailbox.


Consider LinkedIn as the professional’s Facebook. Join the platform, join groups, connect, use it. Connect at work too, across departments in departments. Go to networking events. Don’t restrict yourself from meeting just the people from your level but meet all people from your industry. Know what to say and they will teach a handful.

Leaving for money

This generation needs instant gratification and money influences most of the decisions we make. But in the long run running after money will not make you happy. Become remarkable at what you do, choose the best employers in your industry and stick to it. The company determines your personal brand and everything from the job description, designation, boss, colleagues etc all influence your career move.