ATM Nahi PayTm karo: The Campaign that Cashed Out the Most on PM Modi’s Demonetization


PayTm has easily been the most talked about brand of 2016 and the most downloaded phone app recently.

As PM Modi demonetized the entire country, a scarcity of transactional freedom ran through the entire country.

And just in the right time, PayTm went aggressive with their TV campaign — Paytm Karo. It was basically a campaign to encourage the use of digital wallets (in this case, PayTm) and with that Do a PayTm tagline, I at a point wondered if it’s just another commercial intending to be a verb, like, Facebooking, Google it, do a Xerox etc.

This strategy often helps firms to establish effective push marketing.


Now this phrase was not only catchy but also accurately meaningful to the entire campaign’s objective.

The campaign was hitting the right customers and the timing was sharp. Also, the demand that it was catering was backed up by government’s encouragement to go for a cashless India.

Along with a good advertising campaign what normally makes an exceptional product, is an immense word of mouth, a significant returning customer base and a thoroughly consistent performance from the brand.

In spite of a tough competition from Phone Pe, Paytm has achieved this feat and is still the largest payment wallet of the country.

And with their own app specific offers, they have just raised the bar for product pitching in the digital shopping arena.

But what helped PayTm the most was the co-incidental affluence of government to minimize the cash transactions pan India.

Today, PayTm has an active base of over 200 million customers.