Appropriate Small Talks to Impress Your Interviewer


Interviews can bring so much of anxiety. You have a stomach wrenching feeling of reaching to the interview on time. You prepare for the common questions asked in an interview. You involve in obstinate research about the company.

Yet what many fail to prepare for is the small talks during the interview.

It is important to fill in the pauses during the job interview. You can add these small talks before the interviewer plunges into questioning. These small talks have to be professionally impressive.

Here is what you need to know about how to influence the insignificant conversation to your advantage.

Avoid Clichés

It is easy to talk about how the weather has been. But it doesn’t make you an exceptional candidate with something to remember. A hiring manager will not be impressed or remember you for your thoughts on the weather.

Think of something relevant professionally and impactful.

Spot a Common Interest

Try to spot a common interest. In that silence, try to know more about the interviewer and find a shared hobby or fascination. It is great to be able to make a connection and build a memorable conversation. The interview turns into a discussion and even buys you some time to calm your anxious nerves.

Comment Something Relevant about the Company

You are perhaps more than interested in working and demonstrating how you can be the best fit for the company and the position in question. But taking notice of the office environment and making few comments can interest the interviewer to tag along with the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to mention that you overheard a conversation about an outing the company had coming in a few days’ time. Talk about the awards and certificates you saw on the display wall.

Simply Ask Questions

Small talks have the ability to shift the focus from you to some another topic. You get some time to relax when panic strikes you. Small talks can get awkward. The best trick is to simply ask questions. The interviewer might have numerous questions on his list to ask you. Thus, he himself would not mind taking some time off and being on the receiving end and do a little sharing.

A job interview is all about making a positive impression. Each second counts of bringing you closer to the ideal position you have applied for. So rather wasting any second of the interview, try to achieve something productive out of small talks.