Another Aadhaar data Leak: You just have to Google ‘Mera Aadhaar meri Pehchan’


Recently according to a revelation about the Aadhaar data privacy, it said that google surfing can simply lead to aadhaar card details. These details are for no given reason, are simply available on typing name, aadhaar number, address, date of Birth or photograph. We must be thankful that the biometric details are not available online.

Some of the sites which include these Aadhaar details of individuals for apparent public consumption include: :- The website of a private company Starcards India, a service provider of payment gateway service, mobile app development and mobile app design based in Hyderabad. :- The official website of the All India Football Federation :- The official government website of the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

Here we have a few questions which would make you think over it again.

Whats the purpose of uploading this information online which is visible and accessible to all?

Has anyone ever asked those individuals if they are comfortable displaying their personal informations like this?

Are these people even aware of their details being displayed online?

What prompted these websites to put these details online?

Is the government lacking awareness regarding people’s protection?

Who doesn’t know that when someone gains access over your personal data, it increases more vulnerability. It should have some strict actions to be taken to avoid bad situations.