Amancio Ortega: The Richest Man On Earth (One day Long)


When Jeff Bezos topped Bill Gates to become the wealthiest person on earth, he created quite a few stirs the last fiscal year.

But, as Amazon’s stock price dropped from the stock list and he fell off the list. And then Gates also donated away his $4.6 billion to charity. And that brought someone entirely ambiguous to the top of the list.

Amancio Ortega became the new richest man on Earth.

As of Wednesday morning, Amancio Ortega, the co-founder of Inditex, a retail mother company that owns brands like Zara, has hit the numero uno spot, with a net worth of US$85 billion.

Gates ranked second at US$84.9 billion and Bezos stood third at $82.5 billion.

But, then twenty hours later he against lost the spot to Bill Gates due to stock market fluctuations.

(Source: Forbes)

Ortega has been an underdog for all these years.

Along with being from a less highlighted origin country, he has also been media dark for all these years. No interviews, speeches, lectures… no nothing. And that is why people don’t know him well.

But this was actually Ortega’s fourth time that he has topped the list as the wealthiest person on earth.

Every time his tenure has been brief for most of the times- a few days in 2015 and 2016.

His lead has still beem unstable, and once again has not lasted quite some days due to stock market variations.

But that doesn’t take his own merits and credentials.

From a  background perspective, Ortega had grown up in a  poor family in Spain. His life-changing experience came when he was about 14 after his mother was turned away from a shop while trying to buy food because the family no longer had credit.

As the introvert entrepreneur himself says:

The consequence of that slap on the face he suffered when still he was a very young boy has been the creation of one of the most important Spanish enterprises… with a global presence in most of the world.

So, irrespective of the fact that how many days he lasted on the list, no one can actually deny his hard work and success: that today, richest or not, that poor spanish lad is richer than many riches for sure!