Always Stop Interrupting and Listen To The Question Before Answering


Most of the times we interrupt people when they ask questions. Most of the speakers even feel guilty about it. Most of the times, we just rush to answer the questions before hearing the entire thing. The reasons behind this are many either we interrupt people because they ask the unscripted questions or any other reasons.


As we all know the value of being a good listener, most of the professionals intentionally practice the good listening skills thereby allowing others for finishing their statements making a strong eye connection and  demonstrating the supportive body language.

People often operate under the flawed assumption that we already know what the speaker is asking before we finish. We even interject with the answers those we believe to be true only to realize that it even challenges the trust that you have in you as a listener. The behavior also frustrates most of those asking the questions and it even challenges the trust when you have in you as the listener.

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Our credibility and the way how others perceive it are challenged whenever we interrupt the questions. It can even make us look hasty, uncertain and lacking in confidence.  People never trust you when you say that you are completely listening when we create lack of confidence in your answers. On the whole they become less likely for approaching you in future.

Your ability of listening and fully comprehending the question before answering it can either make or break your business success. One HubSpot survey which states that nearly 68 per cent of the respondents want the salesperson who listens and understands thereby adding the value to their actual needs. The sales professionals often hear from the customers the excuses like “we don’t have the budget” whenever the budget often has nothing to do with the reason when they say no.

Hearing to the complete question of the prospects help you to understand what is being said and what not. Many people have the unspoken known.


Below are some do’s and don’ts for handling the next line of questions those come your way:


  • Strengthen the credibility thereby providing the clear and brief answers thereby overcoming any hostility or negativity behind the questions.
  • Always communicate that you are open and are willing to take their questions.
  • Always connect with the questioner’s eyes those show you that you are listening.
  • Always before responding, pause for giving yourself some time to think on your feet.
  • Whenever communicating with tow or more people, beginning by directing your first two sentences for the questioner.
  • Take notes on what’s being asked.


  • Begin your response with a non-word such as “well,” “basically,” “actually” or “to be honest.”
  • Begin your answer with “but” or “however.”
  • Always raise your voice when speaking in the aggressive tone.
  • Say “good question” — it comes across as trying to buy time to consider the answer.

Handling the questions and the answers can either break or make your credibility on which you have worked so hard.

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