Akshaypat Singhania, Chairman of JK International is investing Rs 100Cr fund for Indian startups


Chairman and Managing Director of JK International, Akshayapat Singhania on Tuesday announced that he has set up Rs. 100 crore fund for investing into healthcare, food and beverage companies and the other startups.


The heir of the fourth generation of Singhania family, Akshayapat is now planning to invest in the Indian Startups.

He is even targetting the startups those have created the brand for themselves and are also struggling for raising the funds for re-engineering.

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He also said in a statement, “I am looking for the companies with strong commitment, which have sustained profitable growth, should have sustained profitable growth, should have better understanding of business model, understanding of future trends“.

Considering the India’s growing middle clasd and their growing consumption patterns, Akshayapat said, he is looking sustainable double-digit growth potential in the healthcare and lifestyle sectors, and is looking for entrepreneurs who would be able to combine their skill with financial management capabilities.


I follow the mantra of ‘invest and intensify’. I do not intend to only invest and wait for investments to appreciate, but also use my own experience to help the business grow larger to build a professional team, implement better processes, strengthen use of technology and to infuse transparency in the system so that the business can strive ceaselessly for growth and efficiency,” he added.

While clearing his policies, Akshayapat said that the business model should have some deep knowledge of  business and must be able to deliver some positive social impact.

The Director of JK Organisation, Akshayapat has a 20 year association with the Raymond Limited as its director.

He has also launched Park Avenue which is the first national  ‘ready to wear’ brand for men in India.

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