About to join a new job? Ask these things from the HR


Along with a new job offer comes excitement, growth, money, new opportunities and chances of getting a big promotion. But before signing the letter you are suppose to be sure about certain things. Always remember that when they have given you the offer letter then that means they have already hired you and moreover they need you.

Now when you have all the power you are suppose to be clear about your expectations.

Check out these Questions you should put forward as soon as you get your offer letter.

How is the working culture of the company?

Is the company a good place to work in? Is their any dress code? Is their a great social life outside the company? Are you comfortable with the timings? You wish to know all of these things about the company as you have to spend more time at office than you do at home, therefore it should be a place where you would love working at.

What are the promotion opportunities?

Being at the bottom of the ladder where we want to go and being halfway on top of the ladder where we don’t want to go are two different things. This advice should be kept in mind always while going in for a new job. Also always ask for promotions and growth of opportunities.

How many casual and sick leaves are we going to get?

Organisations whether big or small, all have certain amount of sick leaves as well as casual leaves. Therefore ask your HR about how many sick leaves you have been allotted and also the leave application process. Manager should also inform you about late coming provisions and half days at work. Always be sure about informing someone before going for leaves urgently.

What are the pay benefits

Be clear about the salary provisions and other related issues. Whether its about reimbursement, tax provisions, deductions or other benefits you should have a clear picture of everything.

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What kind of work will i be doing?

Get yourself clear about your work profile, designation and responsibilities at work place. Know more about your responsibilities and the expectations from the company.

All of the above lets you remain excited and cool enough. Once you are contented with everything, the workplace would be a fun place to be and will also help you work with sheer passion and dedication towards allotted duties.