A fool proof guide to Ace a Telephonic interview


When any interview has to be held on a call then this is called a Telephonic Interview. These are conducted by managers and is conducted for the determination of the candidate’s feasibility towards the post. Interviews conducted on phone are commonly used for first or for the second round of an interview. This is basically formed to screen out candidates. It is also considered for shortlisting candidates who are out of town.

Here are some rare questions asked in a Telephonic interview and How they should be answered:

What are your goals for the future?

How to Answer:- The most efficient answer for such question would not only show your interest towards your career, but also that this would not be the stop gap position in your estimation. Play with your Strengths, show off your passion towards your work and demonstrate your ambition.

What are your Salary expectations from us?

Speaking about salary expectations might look weird to some applicants and especially when its a Telephonic round.

How to Answer:- One should always give a wide range which you feel is realistic and according to the work profile, your previous experience and your work responsibilities. Further negotiations can be brought in the face to face Interview round.

What were your main responsibilities in your previous job?

The main purpose of many Telephonic Interviews is to see if the candidate can actually back up what they say on their CV, mainly when put on the spot.

How to Answer:

Point your answer towards the experience you have which makes you perfectly suitable for this position.

There seems a Gap in your education or in your employment history. What were you doing during this time?

How to Answer:-

Always be honest when you answer this question. Tell them the correct reason may it be a personal one, that why you had a gap in your education or employment.

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What knowledge do you have about the company?

Most of the recruiters ask this question to know what your preparation skills are.

How to Answer:-

Mention a short overview of the company, memorable dates if any and the mission of the company. This would give a great impression about you.

Take me through your CV

How to Answer:-

State a short description about your educational qualifications and your employment history if any. Most of the CV’s are too lengthy therefore going in too deep is not needed. Just be simple and specific.