7 Business Ideas To Hit On Which Are Low On Maintanance, Yet, Extremely Reliable!


The endowment of business assembling should be that although an entrepreneur is working much harder as a lawful employee at the beginning, once there is a steady stream of cash flow going in, he or she can focus on further growth ideas and dedicate operations to automatization or his or her employees. There was a long sentence, wasn’t it? Once the businesses are working out, step back and search for different cashflow opportunities.

Being good with other people is crucial to an entrepreneur. In fact, entrepreneurs are different to other working people only by a common sense and stronger sense of what they are gonna die someday, so they can’t waste time. And usually, they are good with people.

For example, a couple of hours a week or to a level where you feel comfortable working on your business. Working 16 hours on your business is not a fun at all. But it is manageable when you see the big picture and that you make people appreciate you. You are doing something with a purpose. And eventually can work your way up to a level, when 2 to 3 hours a day is enough. Especially controlling and monitoring of processes and people who work on your business.

Same goes to all kinds of online businesses – blogging, ecommerce, affiliate and stuff. Although, starting up is a hassle, once you seed the strong roots you may pick the fruits for a long time. So, think of automatization and steping back everytime you start something new.

Here are the 7 business ideas to hit on which are reliable and small on maintanance:

Internet Service Provider

If you are tech savvy with the good technical knowledge you can start your own Internet Service provider business. Internet usage in India is growing with jet speed, hence it make sense to start this business. Break-even period for this business is 3 years.

Seasonal Business

Another small scale very good business idea is a seasonal business. India is a secular country with full of the festival. Every Festival is unique and gives reason to celebrate. You can start a seasonal business of firecracker, kite, rakhi etc.

Game Parlor

Kids love playing games and it makes sense to start Game Parlor in the residential area. You can think of buying Jumping, battery operated car or other devices like play station to start game parlor. Break-even period for this business is 12 month. Expected gross profit margin is 10-15%.

Provision Store

Opening a provision store in the residential area is a good small-scale business idea. Break-even period for this business is 1-2 year and gross profit margin is 10%.

Stationery Store

You can open your own stationery store with low investment up to 1 Lac. Ideal place to start stationery store is nearby school or nearby business area, where demand of stationery is likely to be more. Find out a good location and take shop on rent. Break-even period for this business is 1-2 year. Gross profit margin is close to 10-15%.