5 Easy Tips To Save A Good Amount Of Money From Your Salary


People working in corporate sector wait for an entire month to get a salary for a more comfy lifestyle. As soon as the payment is received, the irregular expenditure of money in unnecessary things makes the person left with zero savings.

Here are some tips to save a good amount from your salary

Lower your expenses –
Self-control is very much necessary to lower your expenses. From the list of ration and essential items of the house, unnecessary products should be removed is not required need much in the house. Eat healthy food in the house in order to avoid eating fast food outdoors. It is essential to make the shopping list at home and carry a small amount sufficient for it.

Invest a small amount of money in the liquid funds –
Nowadays there are a lot of investment plans in the banks. In order to improve your future, money must be invested in such schemes. Liquid Fund is just like a mutual fund but with more additional benefits. Money invested in it is invested in Money Government Securities, Certificate of Deposit, Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers and other date institutes. This money is imposed on government alternatives, therefore there is a small risk of loss of money with higher returns.

Deposit a small amount of money in a public bank –
Always save and deposit a small amount of money from your salary every month and deposit it in a public bank. Public banks offer more interest rates and come with amazing interest rates. This saved money will be beneficial in future in case of any shortage of money such as getting sick or losing out the job. In any of such cases, you don’t have to rely on or borrow money from anyone.

Buy good quality products –
Good quality products like branded clothes and other household items last longer. They are costly but can avoid a good amount of savings in the future. Good quality of fabrics and thread used in branded clothes will last longer and would even make a good impression about you in public or workplace. For example, the life span of Nike shoes will be three times more than local ordinary shoes.

Make a monthly budget
At the beginning of the month, a budget should be made efficiently and should involve where and how to spend money. For all the necessary expenses of the house, the money should be kept in separate envelopes and the money left can be kept out for a living and saving.