4 Easy Ways To Access Blocked Websites


In this tech-savvy world, several governments of different countries are taking rapid steps to block websites in order to hide sensitive information. That means one cannot easily access these websites using the normal browser in their devices. These sites are made to block firewalls or PCs so that you can not even open those sites in the browser. At the same time state governments also block many websites due to the secret content. In such a way, if you want to access those websites, then there are several ways to open those. Here are four ways to access a blocked website –

  • Using VPN- You can also access the blocked website through a VPN. However, for a VPN, you may have to pay some fees. There is many VPN software available on the internet which is offering these services for free. Some of the best VPN is Hola VPN, Super VPN which you can download these applications to unblock websites on your PC.

  • Changing DNS server – You can use the DNS server to access the blocked website. You have to make a little change on the DNS server of your PC. First, go to the network settings of the computer. From here you have to choose properties and click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). After this, add to the preferred DNS server below, while using in the Alternate DNS given below. Now click on the okay button. This lets you access the blocked website easily without any hassle. However, there may be problems with some computers having windows 10.

  • Changing URL – Many websites are blocked by the office, institution, or your service provider which you can easily access it by modifying the URL slightly. As the http://www.asdfghjkl.com website is blocked, you can access it through by changing the URL -https://www.asdfghjkl.com. However, there might be some slight problem when changing the URL.

  • Using TOR Browser – No one can track through TOR browser. This browser is used to hide the identity of the user on the Internet. Tor browsers claim that your identity will keep secret on the internet or while surfing. Companies like Google will not be able to track your location. This browser can also be used to unblock banned websites.