15 Things You Should Remove From You Resume For Better Chances Of Selection


If are also looking for a job but things get stuck after everything gets final, make sure to check your resume once. Generally, companies do not spend much time looking at their resume to give jobs to any person.

You should immediately remove some unreal things in your resume so that your selection is easily done. Before applying for any job its essential to have a good resume, about your image and your work. Before making a resume, collect all the factual information, date etc. and then prepare for the resume. Here are some things which you should not add in your resume –

  1. Your opinion – No one likes to read or know about your opinions. It may differ from person to person.
  2. Your GPA – Unless you have got good grades in graduation don’t even think of mentioning it.
  3. Your photograph – Unless you are applying for a modelling agency don’t paste your photograph in the resume.
  4. Personal details – Don’t state your religion, caste or marital status unless you are asked for it.
  5. Fancy fonts – Fancy fonts are usually less considered by HR professionals and are a pain in the eye.
  6. Too many bullet points – Too many bullet points will ruin the resume. Try to mention only superior qualities.
  7. Irrelevant work-ex – If you are applying for a corporate job, don’t mention irrelevant work-ex which doesn’t have any connection with the job you are applying now.
  8. Annoying Buzzwords – Refrain from using words like -synergized, workaholic etc.
  9. Social media links – No one is interested in knowing about your social life. Refrain from interlinking your social life with a job. However one should definitely add linked-in URL.
  10. Your hobbies – Your hobbies doesn’t have any connection with the type of work you are going to do.
  11. Short term employment – Mention only those workplaces where you stayed for at least 6 months.
  12. Reason for leaving the past job – It certainly gives a bad image about you.
  13. Your previous Boss name – Unless he is quite famous in the market, don’t think of adding his name.
  14. Unprofessional email address – Email addresses like coolboy@mail can sound funny and will definitely lower the chances of your selection.
  15. Inconsistent formatting – Irregular formatting will ruin your chances of selection. Try to make things simple and clear.