10 Tips to Boost Your Confidence before a Job Interview


To acquire a job you really want, you need to get past the interview process and nail it. But what you will need is courage and confidence to face the people interviewing you. You will be asked questions in the process; you will be sized up and be judged. All these definitely make you sweat.

Which is why one should be fully prepared for a job interview and in the positive mind frame. Here are few tips on boosting your confidence before a job interview.

Do your research

The company you are about to give an interview for could be your potential employer; hence you should do your background study about the company. Search them on the internet and study about them.

When you have this information about the company you feel a lot more confident and make answering questions easy. You know exactly what you should say in order to make an impression.

Reach early

Avoid any unexpected delays to your journey and aim to arrive early to the job interview. It helps in your self-confidence when you have time to spare for preparation rather being flustered and sweaty.

Think of it as a conversation

Even though most of the people focus on the questioning part of the interview, don’t forget most of it is actually a conversation between you and the interviewer.

You are also asking your doubts about your prospective employer. It is more like you are making a pact. This mindset helps you to be less nervous and more focused.

Dress smart and comfortably

Proper attire in which you feel comfortable will always boost your confidence. Don’t wear things that will distract you or the interviewer.

Have a pleasant smile

When you think of smiling it automatically helps you break the ice and make the further process less formal. It will lower your pulse rate and ease your tension, anxiety and relaxes you.

Don’t over think the situation

Over thinking will lead to imaging the worst situations. This makes you nervous. Thinking of the bright side, your capabilities and talents will make you confident.

Practice your responses

Imagine the interview in your mind and plan your answers. Start practicing those answers. Rehearsing the interview will make you feel at ease with the questions being asked and you will feel more in control.

Take deep breaths

The waiting before an interview can start building up tension and increase your heart rate for which you need to take deep breaths to come back to your senses.

The extra oxygen will reduce stress and anxiety. During the interview too, if at any point you feel tensed or nervous start taking deep breaths to be able to deliver what you want to say.

Be your own cheerleader

You know well what can encourage you right before you pass that corridor to the interview. Pump yourself with encouraging words and tell things like ‘the job is yours’. The determination to succeed cannot be broken by any negative thoughts until you allow them to.

The interviewers are only people

The interviewers are trying to find the best candidate just like you are trying to get a good job. They are not trying to mock or make fool of you. If they see the potential in you and if you are a fit for the role they have an offer for you.

Just remember, it’s not a matter of survival but just an interview.