World’s First Commercial Drone Delivery Service Started In Australia


Many companies have been trying to deliver goods through drones. There were thousands of trials done on drones until now. But Google has been credited with starting the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. The American company has got permission for this service in the Australian capital. Google drones will deliver goods in 100 homes in Canberra, Australia for supplying items like food, coffee, and medicines through drones. Google was testing it since the year 2014. The trial was also going on for one and a half years. During the trial, the company has delivered 3,000 parcels.

Google believes that only in Canberra, the drone delivery service will yield 40 million Australian dollars (about 200 million rupees) to the business company. According to an estimate, in Australia, 25% delivery will be through the drones till 20130. Amazon and Alibaba are also working on the drone delivery service. These companies have also organized several trials in Britain, America, and China. But they have not got permission so far.

The address of the buyer’s house in the drone is located through GPS. The parcel would be connected to the drone through a string. The drone goes to the buyer’s residence and drops the parcel and returns back. Google issued a statement saying that people’s feedback has helped greatly improve the system. Hopefully, the company will make it better with time and this service will start in other cities in a big way.

The company making drones in Australia said- “essential items like medicines, food items, coffee, etc are supplied to the people till now.” So far, more than 3,000 deliveries have been done and people have found this system safe. The items will be delivered in a faster way and the drones will work from 11 to 12 hours a day. All of these drones will be run from the remote, not the ones running by themselves. Developers says that this facility will reduce traffic and pollution also a huge amount of time will be saved.

In Australia, official approval has been given to start the delivery of some goods from the drone. According to the media report, Australia has become the world’s first country where official approval has been given to deliver food or goods from the drone. The drones can deliver goods directly to the balcony. Australia’s aviation regulator Civil Aviation Safety Authority said in a statement- “We have approved the delivery of Wing Aviation Pvt Ltd to the drone issued in North Canberra.”