Wonder Woman Now One of the Top 5 Superhero Movies of All Times


It has been a couple of months since Gal Gadot made us awestruck with her performance in Wonder Woman, but her magic still ceases to diminish.

As of August end, Wonder Woman had earned $409 million in North America, according to estimates from comScore.

That makes this magnum opus beat the Iron Man 3 by a margin of $75,000 – a figure Diana Prince has earned for her charm and brilliance.

In spite that there is still no way that Wonder Woman can get up to the No. 4 contender on the list- The Dark Knight Rises which is worth $448 million worldwide, but, a Top 5 hold is inevitable.

Wonder Woman opened at $103 million, while the other four superhero flicks above it have opened at $160 million or higher.

So the entry of Wonder Woman into the list of Top 5 Superhero movies of all times is indeed quite a feat.

Now, the honor list of Top 5 Superhero movies of all time looks like:

#01 Marvel’s The Avengers:   $623 million
#02 The Dark Knight:               $535million
#03 Avengers: Age of Ultron: $459 million
#04 The Dark Knight Rises:    $448 million
#05 Wonder Woman:               $409 million

This also makes DC as the leading superhero production company (replacing the Marvel) with three movies shining on the list.

And, this position can get even stronger, given that with Gal Gadot’s take on Wonder Woman as popular as she is, Justice League is right around the corner.

Moreover, a Wonder Woman sequel is also being planned and may be, before you could know it, the DCEU can even conquer the top 10 list which is at present still dominated by MCU with 7 films on charts.

More power to our beloved Princess of Amazon!